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Journey to Baikal: Same place, different visions
/ March 7 - 12, 2014 / Florence, Palazzo Coppini, proud member of Life Beyond Tourism®

The exhibition “Journey to Lake Baikal” was produced by the Library for Foreign Literature together with the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent and presented in Moscow on December 2013. The Exhibition center of the Library for Foreign Literature has traditionally had outreach programs for children. This exhibition is collective photo-project of the pupils of the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent, expression of their vivid impressions of the journey through the Eastern Siberia to Lake Baikal. The exhibition “Journey to the Lake Baikal” presented in Palazzo Coppini includes over 25 photos - it is only a part of full version of the exhibition. Daria Veingardt, Victoria Pukova, Ekatherina Kazakova, Jeacqueline Huria and Anastasia Kondrashina are very different girls, who can possibly leave the Convent soon. Due to the help of benefactors, they had a two-week trip to Lake Baikal last summer. The girls’ educators wanted to make one of the last joint travels bright, memorable and to devote to native beauties of nature.

The journey started in Irkutsk, wherefrom the group traveled to the famous Olkhon island, situated in the middle of Lake Baikal. Local inhabitants attract volunteers from different countries to teach local children foreign languages ​​- young people come to the island all year round. Here girls enjoyed the atmosphere of youth festival with concerts and master classes, including art photos – their overall interest. The pupils continued Baikal journey by the Circum-Baikal Railway. They visited the nerpinary (Baikal seals) and the limnological museum, rode horses, and then went to Buryatia, to the foothills of the Eastern Sayan in the borough Arshan. They lived nearby the mountain river and climbed high into the mountains. The attendant adults shared their impressions: "We are very glad that girls have seen the unique solitude, clean beaches. Probably they will talk about this journey to their children". The unique atmosphere and the extraordinary beauty of Russian landscapes depicted in the exhibited works of young photographers.
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