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"First International Congress "Domes in the World"
/ March 19 - 23, 2012 / Florence, Auditorium al Duomo, proud member of Life Beyond Tourism®, Via de 'Cerretani 54/r

Promoted by:
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Florence
University of Florence - Department of Architecture, Representation, History and Design
College of Engineers of Tuscany

Organized by:
Promo Florence Events - Via Del Giglio 10
50123 Firenze - Italia
Tel. +39/055/285588 - fax +39/055/283260

For further Information, Programme and Registration:,

Working Languages of Presentations
Simultaneous translation of presentations in English, Italian and Russian is planned.


The conference is part of a programme of activities promoted by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®-Life Beyond Tourism® to foster intercultural dialogue through the knowledge, interpretation and communication of different civilisations' cultural heritage and through respect for cultural diversity. Florence, known the world over for Brunelleschi's dome, is the ideal venue for a congress on domes, the materials and methods used in their construction, their symbology, their conservation, their value in the cityscape and the fact that they form such a significant and emotional element in the identity of so many cityscapes in so many different cultures. Domes have always been, still are and will continue to be a factor for enthusiastic debate also among those peoples who have not adopted them as a roofing system, thus we hope that they, too, will participate extensively in this initiative.
(Paolo Del Bianco, President of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®-Life Beyond Tourism®)

Since its early appearances in Western European funeral buildings of the 6th and 5th millenary B. C., the dome has been widely adopted in architecture primarily for its symbolic reference to the celestial vault. Dome construction was then disseminated initially in the Eastern regions where it acquired both civil and religious significance. Later, as a result of Palladianism, they appeared in the New World and very New World (Australia), where they were built of earth or masonry, wood, steel, concrete or other materials, using a variety of building techniques from the simplest which imitated nature, to extremely sophisticated structural concepts. No other architectural element is so adept in resuming the building capability achieved by a civilization while arousing deep spatial emotions. The peculiar and various shapes of domes confer special features to a landscape which in turn give it a universally intelligible value.
(Gennaro Tampone, President of the Steering Committee)


The primary concept of "Domes in the World" is to give a substantial contribution to intercultural dialogue through an international and interdisciplinary congress aimed at highlighting the significance of domes and their symbolic value. The themes to be examined will include: the cultural and spatial significance of the ancient and contemporary domes in buildings; their architectural context in the territory and in the landscape; their construction (materials, techniques, structural system); their documentation, interpretation, conservation and restoration and their continuity in contemporary building. Thus this international congress, which unites people of various countries, with different cultural backgrounds, philosophical approaches to life and traditional knowledge, will explore the multidisciplinary themes related to domes divided into two main areas: 1) their symbolic, sociological, humanistic context and 2) their architectural context (geometry, structure and material).A high scientific profile will allow the participants to assess the present situation of domes as well as to debate, compare and elaborate their interpretations in order to define their appropriate use and the protection of the dome patrimony worldwide. The architectural conservation of domes, its material and conceptual significance will also be discussed. The objective of the congress is to collect and compare scientific information about the past and present cultural and spatial significance of domes for men, societies and landscapes in different cultural environments, past and present, their building concepts and interpretations, their building traditions and techniques, their conservation/restoration and their contemporary building as a basis for further development of integrated heritage work (planning, education, tourism, conservation etc.).

The congress promoters wish to obtain results that will be of direct benefit to our civil society (individuals, institutions, public administrations) in its current theoretical, philosophical and real evolution.


The oral presentations will be translated into English, Italian and Russian .

The selected scientific contributions (papers and posters) come from 28 Countries of 5 Continents.

Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Jordan, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, USA.
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