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VI International Masterclass - Baroque Music in Florence - Paul Esswood / 24 - 29 July 2007 /
Florence, Auditorium al Duomo

Prof. Paul Esswood (UK)
Helen Rogers (UK) 
Stanislaw Daniel Kotlinski - Artistic Director

Promoted by:
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
Syrinx Kotlinski Management and Productions

Organised by: Promo Florence Events
In cooperation with:
Viva Hotels Art in our heArt
Auditorium al Duomo

Participation form download here: english.pdf

The programme of the course is aimed at perfecting the technique and interpretation of Baroque Music (voice and harpsichord) - Bach, Handel, Monteverdi, Purcell, Schütz, etc.

  1. The Masterclass will be held at the 16 th century Palazzo Coppini, Via del Giglio no. 10, in Florence, behind the Medici Chapel, from Tuesday 24 th July till Sunday 29 th July, 2007.
  2. The Course is open for the participants or graduates from Italian Institutes of music and participants or graduates from Academies and Universities of Music (in both cases with the title of study not former than December 31st 1999).
  3. The Course is open to all male and female voices including Countertenors and harpsichordists.
  4. On Tuesday 24th July , 2007, at h. 10.00, the audition for the selection of regular participants will take place at Palazzo Coppini, Via del Giglio no. 10, Florence . The candidates that will not take part in the selection or will not be selected, can be admitted to the Course as auditors.
  5. The candidates will have to present:
    - the application form using the relevant attached form, with an indication of two pieces at their free choice, to present during the audition and with proposals of other pieces they intend to perform during the Masterclass.
    "Enrolment fee" (not repayable) in the value of € 50,00 can be paid within 30 th June 2007:
    - by the bank transfer into the current account no 000015509C00 ABI 06160 CAB 02806 CIN A IBAN IT43A0616002806000015509C00 - BIC SWIFT CRFI IT 3F, Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Agenzia 6, Via Nazionale 93/95 Firenze.
    made out to: Fly Events srl. . VI Masterclass Internazionale "Musica Barocca a Firenze" - Via del Giglio n. 10 - 50123 FIRENZE - ITALIA (please send us the certificate of payment).
    - by a credit card at
  6. The applications without the certificate of payment will not be taken into consideration.
  7. This documentation must be received by mail (on the address of FLY EVENTS srl, Via del Giglio n. 10 - 50123 Firenze - Italy) or by fax (0039 055 283260) within 30 th June 2007.
  8. After the audition on 25 th July 2007 (and in any case before the first lesson of Maestro Esswood) the candidates will be requested to pay the following "Attendance Fee" :
    regular participants: € 350,00
    auditors: € 150,00
    baroque harpsichord course: € 140,00
  9. One-day auditor (vocal, harpsichord) attendance fee:
    € 30,00
  10. All the participants will have to provide a valid identification document.
  11. The regular participants will be allowed to take advantage of the free assistance of "basso continuo" for the whole duration of the Course.
  12. The Final Concert of the Masterclass, with Paul Esswood countertenor, Helen Rogers harpsichord and with the best participants, will be held on the 29 th of July 2007, h. 21.00 , at the Auditorium al Duomo, via de' Cerretani no 54R, Florence.
  13. At the end of the concert all participants will receive a certificate of attendance signed by Maestro Paul Esswood.
  14. The organisation intends to highlight to the public the initiative and its participants through appropriate media.
  15. Furthermore the activity of the Masterclass predicts a possibility to organize visits to Florentine museums and musical institutions.
  16. The organisation reserves the right to change the programme owing to organizational reason, giving a prompt notice to all persons interested.
  17. Further information can be requested at:
    - The Secretary Office of PROMO FLORENCE EVENTS, tel. 0039 055 28 55 88 , fax 0039 055 283260, e-mail directly visiting the web site
    - Syrinx-Kotlinski Management & Productions, tel. 0048 601 675155 , 0039 338 8871134 , e-mail:
  18. Accomodation & Facilities in Florence in 3* and 4* hotels with special rates starting from 95,00 euro the single room with buffet breakfast included (rates subject to availability).
    Accomodation & Facilities in Florence in youth hostel starting from 18,00 euro per night per bed, to be confirmed by writing to

Booking through Promo Florence Events, t el. 0039 055 28 55 88 , Fax 0039 055 28 32 60 - e-mail

This Masterclass is realized with the Patronage of the British Consulate and the co-operation of the City Municipality of Florence.

In cooperation with: Viva Hotels Art in our heArt, Auditorium al Duomo

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